ten years in the future womanTen Years In The Future Exercise

To Manifest what you want, you must know what you want. This Online Ten Years in the Future Exercise will help you define your future!

Write as if it is 10 years from now, and you are telling a friend about your life. Write in present tense. Write about the ideal life you really want. Dare to dream. This is your chance. Think big for best results.

Pick a friend you are writing to. This makes it more real. For example, Dear Bob, or Hi Aunt Sally. Write your friend's name in the space below. Write the date also (ten years from today)

To: Date:

Now write about where on earth you live (for example, Atlanta Georgia, or Costa Rica). What is your house like? What are you enjoying about where you live?

Who do you live with? (For example, spouse, or kids, or friends, or alone). What are your relationships like?

What is your occupation? Are you retired? Do you have a passive income? Are you working at what you love? Describe what you do.

Do you do any volunteer work or community service? What do you do to involve yourself in the world in a helpful way?

Just for fun, write about some new helpful product or service that may be invented in the next ten years. (For example, new types of computers or cars, or anything else).

Write about anything else you want. What is your health like? What are your hobbies? What is your daily schedule? Where do you vacation? Have fun with it..!

From (Your Name):

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