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February 24, 2020

Dear Harold:

Wow, it's been many years since I've seen you. We moved to Hawaii in 2012 and are loving it on the big island. Our property has 27 fruit trees on it and we can just about live on that. We are kind of in the mountains so we don't see the beach a lot, but I like the mountains better anyway.

We've only got Camden and Cayson here with us. The oldest three boys are all out of the home now. Camden is just about 18 years old and Cayson is almost 14. We go mountain running together almost every day.

Casandra still does midwifery and I still write books and build websites. I'm still running the Perpetual Light Fund and Casandra volunteers her midwifery services to some people who can't pay.

My nutrimeter invention has really gone bananas. You've probably heard of it. I worked on the idea for several years. You simply hold it over any food item and it instantly shows you the calories, nutrient and vitamin content, and much more. Millions more people are growing and serving healthier food now, because it's so much easier to measure.

Casandra still does aerobics most days, and I do some gardening in addition to the mountain running. The fresh food and the fresh air and the relaxed lifestyle have been great. I'm healthier than when I was a teenager! We take a two month vacation to Salt Lake each summer to visit family there.




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